Inevex Solutions Inc. is a business software solutions provider in the B2B mobile app and software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry. Inevex Solutions Inc. offers turn-key custom software applications, where the Company develops and manages these mobile apps as a subscription based business model. Inevex also offers custom software application development for businesses on a contract or partnership basis.

Located in Brampton, Ontario, the Company was founded in July 2015 by Saimoon Bhuiyan & Lawrence Beharry.

Inevex currently works with potential clients in North America (Canada and United States) with plans to expand to international markets, including Asia, UK, and Australia.

Due to the increasing demand for development of mobile applications, Inevex is primed to offer its services and products to satisfy the market’s heightened and ever-growing appetite. To spearhead this endeavor, the Company has already launched an innovative Customer Satisfaction Survey App, which is expected to be very popular over a large cross-section of different businesses who value customer feedback.

Inevex has a unique philosophy in helping customers with a “feet on the ground” approach, assisting them with all aspects of set-up (hardware and software), training and on-going use of the service. This is an uncommon practice amongst web-based businesses and will be a measurable key to success for Inevex.

Being experts in customer care, the Company takes Fanatical Customer Service seriously. The Company plans to make this an important part of their business model and a critical component of their success.

Inevex provides function and innovation, tapping into the vast potential of modern mobile devices so that owners can experience their functionality at the highest levels. Because of the scalability elements of this business model, the Company has the capacity to work with different sized businesses and work within their specific budgets.

Competitive Advantages

Management: Inevex’s management team is comprised of seasoned professionals whom have over 40 years of combined experience. They understand the technology, the business model and the industry.

Customer Service Experts: As mentioned, the team are customer service experts, with inside industry knowledge of what makes customers satisfied and happy. The Company applies this insight to their client’s platforms as well as their own business model, creating added value to customers and retaining customers longer (CLV customer lifetime value).

Sales and Marketing: Most SaaS and App Developers may understand the technology, but are stumped when it comes to other aspects of the business. Inevex has the rare advantage of having successful sales members with accomplished sales and marketing efforts, which can be applied to see immediate and long-term results.

Inevex Solutions, Inc. is a start-up company and has a small main office in Brampton, Ontario.  The Company was founded by owners Saimoon Bhuiyan and Lawrence Beharry, in July 2015, and serves the B2B Mobile SaaS industry. The owners of the Company have been working in the software development industry for decades (collectively over 30 years). Having a pulse on the industry, the owners wish to take advantage of their strong skill-sets and become a major player with their service offering and products.  Learn More About Them…

Inevex offers both software development services to clients and its own product apps for subscribing customers.


Inevex designs, programs, develops and manages its own family of mobile apps, using a subscription based SaaS model. In addition to this sector of the business, the Company also provides development services for businesses wanting their own software or application, including, but not limited to:

• Software-as-a-Service platform
• Mobile, cloud-deployed application
• Traditional software application, installed on premises
• Partnership contracts, providing supplemental functionality for existing applications

Inevex Products

B2B Mobile Apps and Software-as-a-Service

The Company builds their own family of B2B mobile apps and SaaS products. The first of such apps is already available and is called Insights.

INSIGHTS Customer Feedback App

Capture your customer’s feedback in real time.

Insights is a complete survey response management system that can help any business measure their customer’s experience quickly and easily. Putting it on the latest mobile tablet devices shows the business’s commitment and investment into technological advances that goes straight towards helping to improve their customer’s experience.

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Other products recently developed by Inevex that continue their mission to develop apps that help businesses improve their customer experience while also increasing business efficiency:

INSERVICE Request Service App

Service your customers more efficiently

InService is a system created to help customers request service from staff more quickly and easily.

Busy restaurants can now take advantage of our latest innovative solution designed to help make your table turnover quicker and improve your customer’s experience. Our simple set up and design allows your customers to request water, the bill, or additional service all from a regular tablet device located at their table. No longer will they have frustrated customers caused by having to wait for staff assistance.  Learn more…

INMEDIA Digital Signage App

Digital Signage On Your Tablet

InMedia is a solution created for businesses to display promos, menus, products or to simply use as a information broadcast system.

Showcase products for all customers to see. Restaurants can use it to display their promotions or daily menu items or retailers can display new and exciting products that are available. Businesses can display information for their employees to see and keep informed about company events, job postings, new hires and much more. The uses are many and this can all be done on a regular tablet device.  Learn more…


The products that Inevex chose to develop now and in the future all of some similarities. Of course, in some way, they all help facilitate excellence in customer service for businesses, but our goals were more than that. It was to find ways to help businesses of any size, and with limited development budgets to compete with the same innovation level as the big guys. Now, no matter how small a business is or how limited their budget is, all businesses have a chance to be innovative and to use technology to help their business be more efficient, increase sales, and improve their customer experience.