INSERVICE Service Request App is a system created to help customers request service from staff more quickly and easily.

Request Service

Busy restaurants can now take advantage of our latest innovative solution designed to help make your table turnover quicker and improve your customer’s experience. Our simple set up and design allows your customers to request water, the bill, or additional service all from a regular tablet device located at their table. No longer will they have frustrated customers caused by having to wait for staff assistance.

Who can else can use InService?

Customize the buttons for other industries. Place InService in washrooms for customers or employees to request clean up or restocking without having to look for staff. Retailers can place InService around their business for customers to request assistance with products. The possibilities are endless and customers will appreciate the innovative way of helping them.

Now you can combine InService with InSights to capture your customer’s valuable feedback. They’ll appreciate your efforts in trying to get to know them better through the use of cool technology.


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