One of our most popular uses for the Insights Survey App is in Fast Food and Full Serve Restaurants.

Customer feedback is essential in improving the experience of customers in the restaurant industry. Unfortunately this is one industry that has been hit very hard by the wave of social media reviews on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and Google. There are many scenarios in which you can use the Insights survey system to help contain and manage your customer feedback.


The highly competitive hotel industry can use the survey system as a competitive edge. There are many different types of services and areas where a hotel may want to capture customer feedback and then use the data to improve or publish positive feedback if appropriate.
The hotel restaurant, the concierge, the rooms, and the housekeeping staff are all some of the examples of what can be measured and with the Insights Survey App there can be devices placed in the appropriate areas to capture a customer’s experience as it happens rather than wait to hear about it on a travel review site.


Banks are one of the most customer centric businesses around and so they need to constantly take a pulse of their clientele to ensure they are meeting the expected high standards. The professional look of the Insights Survey App will certainly fit right in. Place the surveys at the counters right next to the tellers so customers can complete a survey while waiting for their transaction to be completed or place them near the main entrance where it would be highly visible.


The Insights Survey App is just one of the many ways that Inevex Solutions can help make better use of technology in your business. We are always developing new and innovative solutions so stay tuned for more exciting products coming your way.  Already have an idea that you need developed? Contact us today to discuss custom development for your project.

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