how do you measure good customer service

It is a fundamental business rule that good customer service is required to retain your customers but how do you measure good customer service? Firstly, you need to define what good customer service actually means to you. Does it mean the same to your customers? If this doesn’t match to begin with then you’re already off to a rocky start. Find out from your customers what they expect to see from your business as part of customer service. This is essential in understanding their needs and what they see as part of an overall customer experience. And once you have defined this you need to find out what their idea of “good” service is.  This leads to gaining good information to measure their customer satisfaction levels. If you sell a product like a t-shirt in a store, do they expect that the Sales person will rummage through all of the t-shirts to find your size? If you part of your service or product is offering service through a call center then that is an extension of your product and you need to find out what they expect in terms of service levels. How fast do they expect you to answer their call? What hours do they expect you to be open to take calls?

Once you have determined exactly what is expected from your business then you can start measuring your success rate in meeting these expectations. It is only then that you can manage the change needed to improve your customer service. Some examples of how to measure good customer include:

  • For a call center, find out how many times customers have to repeatedly call in about the same issue. Find the average and try to implement changes to bring that average down.
  • For retail, restaurants, banks or any other face to face business, survey your customers as they exit your store (whether or not they buy something) and ask how their overall experience was. Be sure to also ask follow up questions that will give you qualitative insights into what went wrong or what went right. From there it’s easy to build on the good things and correct the weak areas.
  • For online shopping, poll your customers as they leave your site asking them for feedback. What do they like about your site and what did they not like? Your website is one large extension of your customer service and it is imperative that you meet your customers’ expectations right from the start. For example, we can’t tell you how many times we have given up on using a site because of slow website loading speeds. If you get this as a main reason your customers dislike your service then count yourself lucky because website improvements are actually relatively inexpensive to fix.

Whatever your business is, there is always an aspect of your customer service that can be measured. Find out what it is and start immediately in measuring it. You’ll find that you will make much better business decisions that have positive impacts on your customers.

Be sure to check out our Insights Survey App and give us a call to give you more tips on how to measure good customer service.  If you’re not sure about if or why you need to do surveys in the first place then see our write up on why to use a customer survey app and then read up on some of our use cases including restaurant customer satisfaction surveys.

How Do You Measure Good Customer Service?

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