We Build Apps That Matter To Businesses

Inevex Solutions builds apps that matter to businesses. We put a lot of thought and development into what we make so that they are innovative, practical, customer centric and add value to your business.

Innovation is the key

Innovation is part of our culture and mission. We aim to use the latest technology and development techniques. Our products like the Insights Customer Survey App are designed to be used on the latest mobile devices programmed for iOS, Android or as a Web app.  Administer once and push out to anywhere.

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Business efficiency is a top priority

Your business is important to you. We create our apps with the goal that it must, in the end, help you run it more efficiently. With this goal on the top of our minds we created InService, an app made to help restaurants assist customers more quickly, staff turn over their tables more frequently and, most importantly, increase your sales.

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Enhance your customer experience

The customer is king. And their experience with your business is what keeps them coming back. Increase customer retention and keep them engaged. Our apps like Insights, gathers valuable customer data so you stay in tune with your customer’s perceptions. InService vastly improves their wait time for service and our InMedia Digital Signage app will create engagement. Promote your latest specials, showcase your menu items or simply inform them about your business. Any business can use InMedia to keep their staff or customers in tune with business activity all on a regular tablet.  With so many things out there competing for your customer’s attention, your business can’t afford to avoid going digital any longer.

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